[Public-List] foredeck compression, (and bedding deck hardware)

Jeffrey fongemie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 04:13:06 PST 2011

Hey Gord,

Did you ever re-core your cockpit floor? If so how did it turn out?


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 4:31 AM, Kirk Little <kirkalittle at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Roger, The technique I used was to put slightly modified (cut them with a
> grinder) allen keys into the drill and bore out only the  balsa core keeping
> the original holes in the fiberglass.  Then tape the bottom hole inside the
> boat, fill cavity with west epoxy via a plastic surenge, then redrill (make
> sure you drill straight).  I think Nigel Calder or one of the other boat
> maintenence how-to books gives a detailed description.  It really isn't that
> much work if you are re-bedding something anyway.   I might add that I had a
> small amount of rotted core especially around some of the old poorly bedded
> pieces, and by getting aggressive and using various sizes of Alen keys, and
> a few extra small holes in the deck, I was able to adequately stiffen the
> deck and eliminate the 'sponginess' by digging out rotten balsa and
> injecting epoxy without actually pulling up any of the deck.  Maybe not what
> some consider the proper or 'best' fix but for smaller areas it seems to get
> the job done
>  well enough with minimal time, effort, or skill.  I also agree with using
> the slow epoxy, slightly thickened.  Less bubbles and other issues
> especially when filling larger cavities. Oh, I also did this same job when
> re-bedding the chain plates, and although it takes work with drills, rasps,
> and files to re-form the holes, like everything else, they haven't leaked
> either, in years.
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