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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue Jan 25 16:27:36 PST 2011


On 1/23/11 3:23 PM, Mel Martin wrote:
> One question though: Did you brace the underside of the cockpit before
> making the repair? The reason I ask is that the underside of my cockpit
> has a noticeable sag to it. The cockpit itself has a depression where
> water pools rather than running down the drains.

When I re-cored the cockpit of Calypso, I put in the new coring (plastic 
foam) in three sections, wrapping the glass down to the bottom laminate 
in between.  Tying the laminates together like this will keep the 
cockpit rigid even if the bond to the coring fails.

Most likely, that's not needed.  Yours sags because the upper & lower 
skins are no longer are connected by a solid core.

If you end up with a sag after doing the job (as I did), then you can 
fair it level with resin (I used polyester) mixed with glass beads. 
That makes a hard surface that can take the wear.

  - George

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