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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue Jan 25 18:25:30 PST 2011


On 1/25/11 9:07 PM, Mel Martin wrote:
> Gord, Mike, George,
> Thanks X 10^6 for your suggestions, links, and advice: my courage to do
> this grows by leaps and bounds.

The cockpit sole was my first fiberglass repair.  I made a lot of 
mistakes on it, and ended up digging the whole thing out and doing it 
over once.  I also took 3 attempts at fairing the surface before I was 
happy.  But the great thing is that you can easily do this with 
fiberglass work--it's very forgiving that way.

The hard part is you're reaching down while working in the cockpit.

> I'm still dithering between plywood and balsa for the core.

Let me add a third choice: poly foam core.  I used Klegecell 
(http://www.diabgroup.com/aao/a_products/a_prods_3.html) but Jim Menucci 
used Divinycell (http://www.diabgroup.com/aao/a_products/a_prods_2.html) 
  Either will give you a core that will never rot.

  - George

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