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All excellent points. I just wanted Mel to consider both resins for his project. I was mainly suggesting Epoxy as the 'adhesive' to secure the new core to the lower original fibreglass skin on the cockpit floor. It would/could also be used in the layup process for the new upper skin. 

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> Epoxy resins are superior to use for repairs to weathered and older 
> polyester surfaces. You must paint the Epoxy surface for UV 
> protection and to make it the color you wish. Colored or clear 
> Gelcote will not adhere to Epoxy only to Polyester surfaces. 

I often hear people make such flat statements about epoxy being 
superior.  The fact is, it's superior in some ways and inferior in others. 

If you're trying to use the resin as glue, then epoxy will work and 
polyester will not. 

If you're trying to lay up new glass, then either epoxy or polyester 
will work.  If you use epoxy, it will be more expensive, take a bit more 
skill and care, and require you to use epoxy in the future. 

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