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Meinhold, Michael J. MICHAEL.J.MEINHOLD at saic.com
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 The same tillerpilot came with my boat. It works well except in heavy
following seas and upwind if you don't properly trim the main to ease
the weather helm.  It's a great aid in singlehanding which I do a lot.
My original failed last year (it was about 9 years old) and I replaced

 The only extra thing you need is the wire to power it, and wire to hook
it into your other instruments if you have them.

 On my boat the provided electrical socket is installed on the bulkhead
just aft of the port cockpit seat, the brass socket for the outboard pin
on the tillerpilot is in the aft outside corner of the port seat. The
tiller pin is about halfway up the tiller.

Be sure to carefully align all these parts so that the tiller is
perpendicular to the tillerpilot at 0 rudder angle, and so that at
maximum extension and retraction it can still clear the seat.  My tiller
sagged just a bit and the pilot was continually popping off the pin
until I raised it a bit.

Ask me any other specifics off list and I will answer as best I can.

Good luck with it!

Rinn Duin #272

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I just purchased a Raymarine St2000 Tiller pilot for SallyB #441 and
love to hear from anyone who has installed that Pilot on our boats. What
parts will I need that do not come in the box, Etc.



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