[Public-List] Packing Gland Hose

randall weatherspoon rlwspoon at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 13 19:50:19 PDT 2011

- I have everything except the hose from the shaft log to the packing
gland----Smallest is  HO 150 --- loose on the packing gland but enough clamp
and I can get it ~tight  --- but the shaft log is way too loose----- I
remember that others had spoken of a hose that was very tight to get on the
packing gland and tight enough on the shaft log ----- Algonquin only has the
HO150 as the smallest and that is what I have now and they said anything
smaller would have to be radiator hose from NAPA - not a comforting thought
in the middle of the Atlantic -

I have had some changes in plans and need to get the boat in the water ASAP
- all help appreciated!!!! 



Marisel #385

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