[Public-List] Packing Gland Hose

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Thu Oct 13 21:11:05 PDT 2011

On Oct 13, 2011, at 11:59 PM, Rachel wrote:

> One additional note: The smallest made-to-be-stuffing-box-hose I could find was 1-1/2" ID.  The setup in my A-30 required 1-3/8" ID.  I went with the highest quality reinforced wet-exhaust hose I could get (Trident being one example of a quality hose maker), which of course does come in 1-3/8"  (<---- This last paragraph is correct to the best of my memory, but I will double check it and post back if there is a discrepancy)

I looked up an earlier post of mine from the archives, when this was fresher in my mind.  Yes, the 1-3/8" ID hose was the closest fit to the stern tube (hose = 1/16" larger ID), so I made my stuffing box exactly 1-3/8"  There are a few additional details in my post from back then:

>> I would use a high quality wet-exhaust hose.  Trident is one company that makes good hose.
>> Buck Algonquin makes a specific stuffing box hose, but the smallest ID is 1-1/2" so I was not able to use that on my A-30 (you would have to have a different stern tube/stuffing box than stock, at least on #221, which was a first-generation boat).
>> I would use the special stuffing box hose if I could find it in the correct size.
>> Another thing to be aware of is that some "5-ply" hose is (if you read the fine print) only 3-ply in the smaller sizes.  That's not necessarily a problem; I'm just mentioning it.
>> The Trident hose that I did end up using still seemed very stout in the short length I needed.  (As I mentioned I did get the most stout and suitable top-quality wet exhaust hose that they offered.)  It was orders of magnitude better than the one I removed!


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