[Public-List] Question about instability caused by tank

Len Payne lenpayne at bresnan.net
Mon Oct 24 16:09:07 PDT 2011

" Hello all, 
I have an inquiry about what other Alberg owners think about mounting tanks out board against the hull inside the cockpit lockers. I am planning to mount two 18 gallon tanks one in each of the cockpit lockers. I am interested to hear from owners who have saddle tanks mounted in the cockpit lockers. Has anyone noticed any boat instability or excessive rocking because of the extra weight of full tanks mounted so far outboard of the center-line? What gallon size tanks do you have mounted in the cockpit lockers? Originally I was hoping to mount the tanks closer to the center-line, but they would take up valuable storage space in the lockers. Does anyone have advice against mounting the tanks out board against the hull? I believe several of you have tanks mounted in this location and wanted to know if you have observed any problems. Thanks for your input. 
Michael #133 "

Michael #133
18 gallons of gasoline weighs about 110#, diesel about 130#
One tank, simply counterbalance as required with a nice bit of deck-fluff, significant other, liquid distillate for the skipper and crew, or extra groceries. (not necessarily in that particular order)
Having two tanks, they should balance each other until you are passing 45* and/or both tanks are on the same side of the centerline ...... and then, you've got more problems than the weight of the fuel.

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