[Public-List] Conversion of water tank to holding tank

Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
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I fiber glassed the areas under the aft end of the V berth to make 2, 20
gallon+/- tanks; one for holding and the other for who knows what.  I bought
a 3 part polypropylene (same stuff used for holding tanks) coating system to
apply inside the compartments but haven't done it yet.  

I made full size plywood tops with a plan to apply a few coats then install
the tops when last coat is wet.  My only concern with coating the forward
tank would be being able to reach all surfaces with a roller or paint brush.

RE bladder tanks, others on the page have indicated they can chafe and leak
which would be uber yucky.

Roger 148  

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George and others, 

What about applying a coating to the inside of the water tank if human waste
does absorb into the fiberglass tank material? Could one install a flexible
bladder tank into the original water tank? Has anyone done either of these
two procedures? 

Michael #133 
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