[Public-List] Boat Names - British Registry for Canadian Ships

Kris Coward kris at melon.org
Wed Oct 26 12:52:18 PDT 2011

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 03:04:03PM -0400, John Birch wrote:
> Sadly, though allowed under the 1815 Rush Baggot Treaty, we do not carry 
> the single 18 Lb Long cannon.

Meanwhile, here I am looking for a pair of reasonably inexpensive 18
pounders which I can mount on C.D. 110 (her registered name, though
she's better known by her previous name: Rapids Queen). I'm not terribly
worried about her trim and stability, since she's been scuttled as a
breakwater for the past few decades..

I'd really love to get these in time for the bicentennial of 1812,
though the bicentennial of Rush-Bagot also seems like an appropriate
time to install them.

Also on the to-do list for this hare-brained scheme: "figure out how to
avoid getting arrested/shot/etc. for it"


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