[Public-List] Boat Names

Robert Kirk isobar at verizon.net
Thu Oct 27 21:36:10 PDT 2011

  Roger... Isobars are those squiggley lines that beginning meteorological 
students learn to draw on weather maps; they show the direction and 
strength of the wind - the closer they are together, the faster your boat 
goes. The name is a way to highlight two of my great joys: a career as a 
weather forecaster, and a beautiful sailboat. It occurs that your 
hospitalized friend might find an architectural term that homonyms to 
boats.  Draftsman (Droughtsman?) perhaps.

A local obstetrician powers his boat, Sea Section, around Annapolis. I 
wonder what the proctologists have to offer?

Bob Kirk
Isobar #181


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