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Stephen Gwyn stephen.gwyn at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Dec 7 09:22:17 PST 2012


My plan is actually a bit more elaborate, to take
into account the following issues:

1) I don't like drinking water from the bow tank.

2) Every so often, despite the fact that I took
off the aluminum lid to the bow tank and cleaned
and epoxy coated it, I still get little chunks
of crud which bugger up the Fynspray.

3) When both your hands are dirty, using the flipper
pump on the Fynspray gets the handle dirty.

4) I am taking out the drop-in Origo alcohol
stove and covering the hole in the counter with
an opening lid, allowing access to the large
area of storage underneath the counter.


The Fynspray is staying, but will be connected to
a small tank under the sink. A 5 gallon tank with
a 1" NPT fitting costs 15$, so it's almost disposable.
if it gets grungy. It can be filled by lifting out
of the under-stove hole. That means I don't have
a spare Fynspray, but thanks for the suggestion, George.

The bow tank is being connected to the Whale foot pump
to be used for washing and any time the water gets boiled
(pasta, coffee...). Bill, the pedal is (sadly) going
to be bit high off the floor, but that's pretty much
inevitable, since the cabin sole joins the hull
at the edges. In order to mount it at floor level,
you would have to put a hole in the hull. By making
a hole in the fibreglass liner below the sink, I could
drop it 2-3 inches, but that doesn't seem worth it.

Rod: When I started my search, I went to
the local metal recycling place and saw one of those.
The price would have been the price of its weight
in brass. Tragically, I thought: "I don't want this
tap, I just want the spout, I can do better" so
and dropped back on the pile. I haven't seen anything
like as good (or cheap) since.


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