[Public-List] Still Stuck on Velcro 12/27

Jim Davis a30240 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 27 09:05:26 PST 2012

We are still here waiting for the weather.  The weather here is fine,
perhaps a bit chilly but it is the wind we are concerned with.  For crossing
to the Bahamas we want a period of three or four days of light to moderate
Southerly wind.  Because the Gulf Stream flows in a north direction if the
wind is blowing from the north there is what we call "wind against water"
and large waves kick up and it will make for an uncomfortable and long
passage.   While we have periods of usable weather the periods are short and
followed by blustery cold fronts with strong Northerlies.  As you can see
from the links below we are all becoming meteorologists.



Christmas was spent visiting friends and a group dinner ashore.  Life here
in Vero is really quite good, even if being stuck is getting old.  The town
is friendly with good shopping and an excellent bus system to get us around.


We hope everyone had a good and Merry Christmas and wish all a very Happy
and Prosperous New Year. 


Jim Davis
Privateer Isa Lei

Victory is reserved for those willing to pay the price.

Sun Tzu




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