[Public-List] Dowry Creek 11/3/2012

Jim Davis a30240 at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 3 19:39:22 PDT 2012

Tonight we are in Dowry Creek Marina about five miles above Bellehaven, NC.
After leaving South Mills and the Hurricane Party we travelled to Elizabeth
City where we reprovisioned and bought some supplies for the boat.  We also
took advantage of a spa and got showers.  We can shower on the boat but it
gets things wet and it is getting rather cold at night.  We have been using
our fireplace and it does a good job in the evening and morning to knock the
chill off.  At South Mills we didn't have any serious weather, just a lot of
rain.  The trees protected us from the wind and the canal is too narrow for
waves.  There is also a small diner connected with a gas station that serves
a good breakfast and pizza.


At Elizabeth City we were tied up at Jennette Brothers, the local restaurant
food supplier.  The only "cost" was we had to eat at least one meal a day
ashore and fill out a report card.  It wasn't a hardship and we were glad to


Last night we were anchored in the Alligator River with a dozen other boats,
but there were no lights on shore or any towns near by.  Internet connection
can be hard to get in this area, however our phones generally have a voice
capability.  We will try to post as often as possible.


Dowry Creek Marina is a small friendly family place that we first visited
about eight years ago.  We prefer it to the other marinas in this area.  We
also need to refuel, take on water and do laundry.


Tomorrow it is off to Oriental.  We are also trying to figure out where we
want to lay low next Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday when a
Northeaster blows through. 


Jazz, our year old Siberian is well on her way to becoming a Sea Dog.  She
doesn't like the engine and shivers for a while after it is started, but
otherwise learning the tricks of the trade


Jim Davis
Privateer Isa Lei

Victory is reserved for those willing to pay the price.

Sun Tzu




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