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Sat Oct 27 00:08:13 PDT 2012

Hello all stations! 

Michael and I have been working with George to publish information about A-30 voyagers who have sailed around the world. So far we have received great info from Yves, Kirk Little, and Paul Vibert - who is now in Mauritius departing for the Caribbean thence back to Ontario latter this year. 

I would like to ask if there are any Albergers who have accomplished blue water cruises that involved crossing at least one ocean, that we might also consider adding to our tribute? Particularly are there any voyagers from the pre-internet days that night be lost to history, that we could recognize? Voyagers currently in route are also very important, as we can follow their passage almost in real time - given gps signals, and the internet.... Sometimes early voyages get lost to history because there was no way to record the achievement, except write a book or have someone submit an article for publication -- things that most sailors arent necessary skilled in doing. I personally am interested in preserving the voyages of those who sail our craft, and with the advent of the on-line maps and web sites if we could record the first 50 years of sailing, perhaps it would stimulate interest in recording voyages to come...? 

Please send info about any blue water cruising you might have accomplaished, or that you know others have done. I will be happy to consolidate and work with George to put together some form of historical acknowledgement on the web. Please include voyage route, vessel name, hull number, hailing port, owner/captian name, crew names, bio and any pictures that might be an interesting representation of the voyage. I dont know how this will come out, but so far we have good response from our Circumnavigator's. Perhaps adding blue water cruises will help round out the history of the A-30 class. 

Glenn Brooks 
Dolce #318 

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