[Public-List] Circumnavigations; Entry in CBAA Handbook?

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Hi John, 

My view might be a bit more simplistic. The CBAA Handbook has a few pages dedicated to those who have taken Blue Water Cruises. To my knowledge these entries are not defined nor are they 'checked out' for accuracy or verification. My thought was to expand this concept a bit to list those who have sailed their A-30's around the globe. I didn't think about verifying the truth of the details or including a specific definition of 'circumnavigation'. I would have contacted each one of the skippers for the dates and perhaps the direction they took. I expected to take their word as the truth. 


But if in doing so I am actually doing a disservice to those who by some 'universally accepted definition' actually did a 'circumnavigation' then must I rethink the  whole thing? My thought was to memorialize those three skippers who by their own admission sailed their A-30 around the globe by including a separate listing for them in the CBAA Handbook. Future readers of the Handbook while flipping through the pages would see the names of those skippers who sailed that far and think to themselves, Wow these boats must be that seaworthy and how cool is that, what a trip that must have been ..............Besides these skippers have contributed more to the CBAA than having accomplished the trip, they have in several cases contributed significant input toward the routine upgrades all owners apply to their boats to make them safer and even more seaworthy. 


Perhaps my proposal of this entry into the CBAA Handbook requires a survey to determine if the idea is worthy and to define exactly how it should be accomplished. I was blindsided by the politics of the proposal. Sorry that I was so naive. How would you suggest I proceed? 

Michael #133 

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Circumnavigation is indeed an accomplishment, but defining it as such is 
to a point arbitrary. 

Stripped to it's basics, such a trip can be nothing more than a series 
of shorter blue water voyages strung together.  If a person crosses the 
Atlantic Ocean 20 times, have they really accomplished less than a 

Technically, a circumnavigation much touch antipodal points.  If a trip 
crosses all lines of longitude, every ocean, encompasses a "sufficient" 
number of nautical miles to have gone all the way around, but does not 
touch diametrically opposite points, it's not the true circle.  Do such 
skippers accomplish less? 

Are you talking about "non-stop" circumnavigators, solo 
circumnavigators, solo-non-stop, etc?  Do we need special sections to 
delineate these different "levels" of the accomplishment? 

Food for thought... 


On 10/19/2012 01:57 PM, Michael Connolly wrote: 
> George, 
> I honestly believe that these are pretty special owners/skippers and should have a separate section in our Handbook memorializing their accomplishment. Can you pass this idea onto the Officers of the Association for consideration of this proposal? 
> Michael 

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