[Public-List] Teak inlays?

David Gilbert bigkanu at rogers.com
Thu Sep 6 07:26:20 PDT 2012

I tried one time, ground out the old ply with a router but care is  
needed as the glass edges are beveled. I replaced the wood with solid  
cedar strips which was quite easy; the difficult part was replacing  
the gel at the edges. The repair lasted for only a few years and I had  
it ground out again and replaced in all glass by a professional. This  
was only the lazarette hatch, my others are so far O.K. I use cetrol  
on the wood and re do it every couple of years with a very light  
sanding and at least three coats of the cetol.
On 6-Sep-12, at 1:48 AM, Stephen Gwyn wrote:

> Hi,
> My boat has a main hatch cover and cockpit locker lids
> that have teak plywood inlays. This is a newer, liner boat.
> All three inlays have sanded one too many times. and now
> are showing the second ply, which has voids. The epoxy
> and glass solution discussed recently might work for the
> locker lids, but won't look great for the hatch cover.
> The plywood is starting to delaminate. Also, I see
> various screw holes with teak plugs on top of them,
> some of which have popped out.
> In short, I'd like to replace these inlays.
> Has anybody replaced these inlays? How much work was it?
> How thick are the inlays? 1/4" or more?
> Are the screws necessary, or can one use just epoxy
> or 3M5200/Sikaflex?
> Stephen
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