[Public-List] Teak inlays?

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I replaced the plywood/teak venire on Kilwinning #446 with solid 1" teak
boards 17yrs ago.  We routed out the old plywood in the hatch, seats, and
lazarette. They are still quite beautiful.  The teak overlaps the fibreglass
by about 1/2" around and sits about 1\4" higher.  I can sand to my heart's
content.  It is expensive to buy the teak and the job is time consuming.

Jacques Dusseault
Kilwinning #446

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My boat has a main hatch cover and cockpit locker lids that have teak
plywood inlays. This is a newer, liner boat.
All three inlays have sanded one too many times. and now are showing the
second ply, which has voids. The epoxy and glass solution discussed recently
might work for the locker lids, but won't look great for the hatch cover.
The plywood is starting to delaminate. Also, I see various screw holes with
teak plugs on top of them, some of which have popped out.

In short, I'd like to replace these inlays.

Has anybody replaced these inlays? How much work was it?
How thick are the inlays? 1/4" or more?
Are the screws necessary, or can one use just epoxy or 3M5200/Sikaflex?

#495 Quasar

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