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I just finished building a "Turtle", or sliding hatch cover.
This is the site I used to follow the design:
http://bristol29.com/Projects/seahood/seahood.htm. I looked at it for a few
years before I finally had the gust to give it a try. I am very happy with
the results.
I used 2x4 balsa on the 3 sides instead of the two pieces they use. I cut
the lengthwise angles and shaped the sides with a sander.

Using balsa wood is great as it is so light weight. The tricky part was
fastening the hatch to the cabin top. After putting together the 3 sided
frame of balsa, I then drilled up from inside the boat up through the cabin
roof and secured the frame with long #8 screws in six places, two each
side. After the plywood top was put on, I unscrewed the turtle from the
cabin top to finish at home.

The six holes now in the cabin I drilled out with 3/4" hole saw, and filled
holes with epoxy. Replaced and lined up turtle back on top of the cabin
roof with weight on it. Drilled up from the cabin again, now 5/8" right up
into the sides of the turtle but not through to the top. Determined the
bolt length needed to secure the turtle inside cabin: i.e. length of
drilled hole + thickness of cabin top + length for washer, nut, beauty ring
I made of white plastic and acorn nut. Cut SS 5/8" ready rod and epoxied
into holes in turtle sides with turtle upside down. Photos

When I finished epoxying, painting with one part epoxy paint and fine
non-skid, it was time for the final fitting. I expected the SS rod would
not be a perfect fit due to a hairline of play in the drilled out balsa,
hence 3/4" hole in cabin roof with epoxy. I adjusted the holes a bit and it
when on fine. Sealed with 291 Sikaflex.

Will send photo of finished turtle soon. Hoping for very little
SV Avalon
Any questions reefed.main at gmail.com

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 1:22 PM, Jeffrey Randall <jcrandall1956 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Yankee Star 296 came with a custom built hatch cover that sits atop the
> sliding hatch.  It was made of quarter sawn mahogany and now is in
> disrepair.  I will send photos after my next trip to the marina.  Does any
> one else have a hard cover over the sliding hatch cover and if so how is it
> built and maintained
> --
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> Jeff Randall
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