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Thu Sep 20 03:14:14 PDT 2012

Thanks George. That explains it well.  Event the headless bolt for the
pin..great idea.


On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 8:55 PM, George Dinwiddie
<gdinwiddie at alberg30.org> wrote:
> Jeffrey,
> On 9/19/12 7:43 PM, Jeffrey wrote:
>> Yes Thanks Peter!
>> I too am in for one. I don't need one of the first since my boat will
>> be in the water for another month at least.  Next batch?
>> Question for everyone, I don't even have a pintle on my rudder.  Was
>> it just a bronze rod protruding from the bottom of the rudder? Does
>> the hole in the shoe go all the way through? The shoe does not "hole
>> up" the rudder..correct? Does it act as more then a rotational guide?
> See http://alberg30.org/maintenance/Steering/RudderShoe/ for the details. If
> your rudder was like mine, you can drill and tap for a rudder pin. It could
> be that it was already drilled and tapped, and you've got the remains of a
> pin in there.
> The pin not only guides the rotation, but holds the bottom of the rudder
> laterally. If you don't have it, other parts will wear out more quickly and
> you could possibly lose the rudder.
>  - George
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