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Michael Grosh dickdurk at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:40:16 PDT 2012

Commercial vessels are not allowed clearance into N.Y. unless they have a
functional AIS. That reality is what drove the original stampede to AIS.
What I find disconcerting from the technophobe viewpoint is: like the
promise of computers in every office was supposed to make life easier for
workers, all these electronic marvels do is raise the intensity of
movement, or work, or whatever. Yes productivity, and big brother certainly
benefit, but easier, not so much.

On Sep 24, 2012 9:42 AM, "John Riley" <jriley at dsbscience.com> wrote:

> I played around with that app a while back, and there is simply no way
> it is displaying all vessels within a given region.  I looked at the
> Chesapeake, areas like Savannah Approach and around New Orleans, and a
> few other busy ports.
> Sometimes, there was only one or two vessels shown.
> Either the app does not get all AIS equipped vessels or there are very
> few AIS equipped vessels.  Either way, I'll stick to the Mark I
> Eyeball...which has the added advantage of not requiring cell signal...
> Apologies if I sound like a technophobic curmudgeon again, but the thing
> I really hate about all these "modern tools" (gps, chartplotters, etc)
> is that they pull the focus into the boat.  The dangers lie outside and
> around me...THAT's where I want to be looking.
> Yes, I've been aboard a power vessel going 30 knots where the skipper at
> the helm was looking DOWN at the dot on the chart plotter while piloting
> his vessel in a narrow channel and with other boats nearby.  Speed was a
> problem, but so was focus of attention to a screen at the helm station
> rather than out, as "Proper Lookout" demands.
> --John
> Michael Grosh wrote:
> > Android users can use MarineTraffic.com. I use it all the time, and I am
> on
> > a boat with full featured AIS, chart plotter overlay, etc.(AIS is VHF
> line
> > of sight, the smart phone app uses shore stations for unlimited
> > range-theoretically).
> > Costs nothing.
> >
> > MichaelGrosh
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> > On Sep 23, 2012 7:46 PM, "Greenhouse, Matthew A. (GSFC-6650)" <
> > matthew.a.greenhouse at nasa.gov> wrote:
> >
> >
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