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Gord ;
Draining the bowl is good advice but to me this sounds like the fuel pump is having trouble delivering enough fuel.  How long since the fuel filter was changed? 

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Hello friends - 

Surprise is having a good year racing, and I hope to get away this weekend
for my first cruising overnighter.

Our Atomic IV, which is otherwise a good girl, has developed an odd
mannerism.  When starting from cold with the choke on, it fires right up but
stalls after about 20 seconds.  It starts strongly again right away, but
stalls.  After three or so repetitions of this, it runs weakly, slowly
gaining strength as it warms up.

When under way, it seems normal when in gear at idle for maneuvering but
never reaches normal revs when the throttle is opened.  It seems Œweak¹.

Anyone have any idea what is happening?

Gord #426 Surprise
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