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Bob Norway examiner at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jun 4 13:29:19 PDT 2013

I use the inexpensive Uniden QT-206 with the Inside-The-Hull transducer. The
transducer is mounted in the starboard locker, just behind the bulkhead
separating the hanging closet from the main cabin. I've used this type on
three different boats from a 23'Sovereign to a 25' Oday to the Alberg 30.
The only problem discovered was having to construct a cover for the
indicator, otherwise the sun will burn out the digital readout after a
while. Of course, if you mount the indicator inside on a swing out mount, no
problem... :).

The current location gives me a readout that is about one foot less than
actual depth, so as long as I keep her at 4' or more, I'm golden. And on the
Banana River here in central Florida where the average depth is 7-8 feet in
the area we sail in, that is most important, since we usually anchor in
about 5-6' of water.

And yes, I have been aground, but not due to faulty readings on the
indicator. Just strictly 'operator error'....hehehe....

Bongo Bob Norway
S/V Beowulf #488
Manatee Cove Marina Website Webmaster
SpaceCoast Parrot Heads Club Webmaster


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    Just after my spring haulout my depth sounder has gone intermittent on
me. It is almost certainly the 20 year old transducer that is at fault.
     Has anyone mounted a transducer inside an Alberg hull? That works on
some fiberglass hulls, but an Alberg is so thick - thanks

  Gordon White
/Brigadoon II/
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