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gordon white via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Thu Aug 7 12:54:15 PDT 2014

     I think the A-30 is an excellent single-handler. Actually larger, 
up to a point, is easier because more stable, so a 30 footer is easier 
than a 22 footer (I've sailed both,) And I owned a 34 ft  schooner I 
single-handed. I'd look for two things. make that three: a large 
roller-furling genoa, an auto pilot and self-tailing winches.

     Remember, Francis Chichester single-handed around the world in a 52 

     You can sail a lot on just a 150% jib, which with roller-furling is 
a lot easier to get in and out than the main and the Alberg does not 
have a stowaway mast -

     By oneself, it's necessary to have an auto pilot to go pee, and do 
other things, like minor repairs, fix a sandwich, etc.

     And a self-tailing winch is very helpful when you're by yourself.

     Add to that stability and you're in good shape with an A-30 - I've 
had mine since 1991.

  - Gordon White
Brigadoon II

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