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Hi all,

I discovered a bit of a factory fabrication "feature" the weekend of the 50th anniversary parade by stepping down through the access hatch at the bottom of the stairs. Fortunately no one was hurt and no wood was broken as a result of this somewhat dubious attachment technique.  The dang old thing just fell apart.  Actually, what I discovered are the cleats that support the access hatch were just nailed on from the underside.  Actually, I assume, at the factory they nailed them on to the piece of plywood that would become the cabin sole before they fastened the sole into the boat.  I WILL give them credit for using ring-shank nails but....

Here's also what I discovered on my boat (#196) there's been water running in around the base of the steps on the port side - same side as the ice box. The cabin sole in that area near the access hatch that I stepped through has been reverting back to fertilizer as wooden things often do when subjected to water. At least one of the culprits is the ice box as it is built
in at least two parts, the liner forming the box and the front. The joint between the box and the front, just below the icebox door, has been leaking. This has allowed fresh water to get down to the cabin sole.

So, to make a long story longer, I have reinstalled the cleats using screws and epoxy, I have injected epoxy into the weakened plywood of the cabin sole and I have sealed the leak in the icebox.  Actually, I sealed the leak in the icebox last year to allow the cabin sole to get as dry as it could.  I used a West System syringe after drilling a couple of holes in the cabin sole, and injected a bunch of epoxy (unthickened) into the holes.

I am not familiar enough with the construction of Albergs over the years, I know they changed the icebox arrangement and probably some of the other furniture over on the port side, but it might be advisable to have a look at your access hatches and if the cleats are at all weak, beef them up with some screws from the underside.


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