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 I have lazy  jacks that stow on the reef hooks at the main tack.  You unhook them and pull the line along the boom to extend the jacks.
I generally don't use them when I single hand as I take care of dropping the sail and flaking it all as one task. 

When someone else is steering the lazy jacks keep the sail out of the cockpit and the helmsman's view.

I have  two reefs  in my main - slab reefing with a heavy grommet at the tack that comes to a hook on the boom, and another at the clew . The reef line is stopped at the boom, goes through the clew grommet, turns at a block on the boom and goes a cleat on the boom well forward.

Hope this helps.

Rinn Duin #272
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Hi I was wondering about lazy jacks or the best system to reef and store the main sail. Thanks for the in put chris _______________________________________________
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