[Public-List] Toe rails

Greg Dawson via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Sat Oct 4 04:19:39 PDT 2014

Hi Jeff.

As much as the teak would look great on my 68, the simple truth is that I don't have the skill to do the job or the spare cash to pay someone else. We bought our boat as a project and even though she is basically sound there isn't one area that doesn't need some attention. 

Most of the woodwork inside and out needs restoring or replacing and the cost of teak products is simply too much so we are looking to aluminium as an answer for the toe rail. The aluminium extrusion isn't cheap but I can fit it and work it in with the woodwork at the bow & stern. 

There is a good article documenting the process on the Pearson 40 Owners site that I could send to you if it helps.


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