[Public-List] Biminis and Raising the Boom

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On 8/5/15 10:25 AM, James Allocco via Public-List wrote:
> During the discussion about Dodgers and Biminis there was mention about
> raising the boom. Are there any suggestions for how to best accomplish this?
> On my mast there 2 tracks, one that the sail hanks on and one the boom
> rides on.
>   There is about 4 inches between them. when hoisting the sail the boom
> rises until it reaches the boom stop ( a bolt head at the top of the boom
> track).  Tightening the downhaul brings the boom down 2 - 2 1/2 inches.
> I am thinking that I would need to move the boom track up several inches
> and remove an equal amount off of the bottom of the sail track.  I would
> also need to lower the headboard on the sail.
> Is my thinking correct or is there a better way?

Replacing one of the flathead bolts on the track with a round head will 
keep the boom from dropping lower. Rather than modify the sail, I use a 
cunningham to tension the luff.

  - George

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