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Wed Sep 9 11:07:50 PDT 2015

My water tank is about 25 gallons, as measured by timing how long
my hose takes to fill a 5 gallon jug and then measuring how long
the same hose takes to fill the tank.

Here's a link to replacing the aluminum top of the water tank:
It's moderate bit of work.

What I did instead was to reuse the aluminum top, but coated
with epoxy. I used the WEST System 860 Aluminum Etch Kit first.
I didn't coat the fibreglass bottom of the tank, but I should
have. I also probably would track down some foodsafe epoxy,
although, if mixed correctly, regular epoxy should be fine.

As for the sealant to attach the tank top, I talked to a
chemical engineer at BoatLIFE about food safety. She said
to use Life-Calk polysulfide sealant. She said not to use
the various polyurethane (Sikaflex/3m5200) and that no
marine silicone sealants are foodsafe.


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