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I've never seen such a device. Looks to me like a P. O. attempted to make some sort of exhaust baffle system to prevent sea water from backing up the exhaust system into the engine. I have seen articles for home made water lift mufflers which look like what you have illustrated. You mentioned that you have a muffler installed and that this device is further down stream from the current muffler. Heat exchanger for on board hot water? 
Not a clue. 
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This is a rookie question I am sure because seems there are a number of arcane qualities to the Alberg 30 that have to be overcome with some group insight. 

My question concerns the photo (link to Photobucket below here). Is this post-muffler device something installed on some versions of the Alberg? It is conveniently in the way, obstructing access to the prop shaft and requires Hot Yoga techniques to access and then remove. I am putting in a 10x20 deck hatch in the cockpit to remedy some of the pain and suffering it required for me to render it on deck as it appears here: 


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