[Public-List] Lemon oil

Stephen Gwyn via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Fri Jul 8 22:15:41 PDT 2016

I use lemon oil every few years on my interior wood. I rub it in with paper
towels. I spread it pretty thick, but the wood soaks It up. It takes a
couple of hours to do the boat, including the teak plywood strips I used to
replace the pegboard. Remove all the cushions, the oil stains cloth. The
overpowering lemon smell dissipates after a little. If you can remember do
it when it's breezy with the hatches open, you won't get overpowered by the

It looks pretty good. Lemon oil really keeps the mold down in the soggy
winters, which the main reason I use it. Lemon oil naturally has a lot
toxins which work well on mold but only partially on humans. But since I
usually do in the dead of winter because the previous application has lost
its mold killing power, I do it with the hatches closed and kind of get
zonked a bit by the fumes.

Make sure you get lemon *oil* though, not lemon polish. I've used something
that might have been Old English and I've used the West Marine brand. Not
much to choose between the two.


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