[Public-List] Cleaning

Greg Bover via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Sat Jul 9 04:46:18 PDT 2016

Practical Sailor magazine, which does not take ads, is like Consumer Reports
for mariners. A few months back they recommended a homemade mixture of equal
parts of borax, tri-sodium phosphate, and baking soda as one of the best
cleaning and mold killing agents one can get, and for very short money. As I
recall they suggested 1 tablespoon of each in a quart of hot water. I mixed
it stronger than that, basically as much as I could get to go into solution.
This spring I cleaned the whole boat, inside and out, with this mixture and
a stiff brush. The Admiral says it has never smelled as good nor looked as
white. Between that and the tea tree gel in strategic areas I have not seen
a return of any mold. My interior is Petit Easypoxy.

Greg Bover
A-30 #114
Gloucester, Mass.

P.S. We're headed downeast on Monday for a month. Penobscot Bay, maybe

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