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Hi, Greg,

On 7/10/16 3:31 PM, Greg Roberts via Public-List wrote:
> Hi Folks, I need a bimini. Something that works while underway would
> be ideal. There were a few posts awhile but i never saw any links to
> photos etc...Any ideas?

I installed a 3-bow aluminum-frame store-bought bimini (from Boat-US, 
which tell you how old it is) on Calypso. The frames pivot on mounts on 
the side decks, just outside the coamings.

When sailing, I bring the aft lines down to the ends of the traveler 
rather than further aft. This allows the mainsheet to go around them, 
and the chafe has never been enough for me to worry about. It also holds 
the aft frame a bit less securely, and it moves out of the way when 
tacking. Not a perfect solution, but it's worked well enough for years.

I don't think I've got any photos that show this setup, though.

  - George

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