[Public-List] Teak inlay in cockpit seats and hatch cover

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Wed Feb 1 18:21:28 PST 2017

I have a preliner boat so the hatch lids are much different than yours.
They have been a continous problem, but I replaced them with ply with teak
strips fastened on top, black sealant for the seams.
I think it was sika flex (black) that I used. Best I can tell, the oil in
the teak has some kind of reaction with the caulking, that prevents it from
setting up-it stayed sticky and gooey for,well, years.
I am tolerating (barely) the current unseaworthy state because of a lack of
any better idea. I'm thinking along the lines of mocking up molds and
replacing the mess with 'glass.
I found the black goopy mess to be a cure worse than the disease. It did
look pretty, though. Something else to address on my bucket list.

Michael Grosh

On Feb 1, 2017 5:02 PM, "Stephen Gwyn via Public-List" <
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My boat (Hull #495) has teak plywood inset into fibreglass for both
the cockpit seats / locker lids and the sliding hatch. After only 45 years,
the teak is starting to rot. The depression in the cockpit seats
is 3/4" deep. The depression on the sliding hatch cover is 3/8" deep.
This piece of teak has fore-and-aft cuts on the bottom side so
the plywood can bend to meet the curve.

I'd like to switch to teak battens, with black sealant in between.

Has anybody done this?


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