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> I just replaced my topping lift and all halyards. The lift broke at 
> the wire to rope splice. As we were out on the Bay I pressed into 
> service one of the unused spinnaker halyards, but replacing the wire 
> was a problem, requiring two trips up the mast, which my wife does not 
> like me to do. I heartily recommend replacing halyards and the topping 
> lift before they break, and my main halyard looked fine just before 
> the outer sheath broke away from the core and jammed in the sheave, 
> which was a problem. I put a fully-rope halyard in place of the wire. 
> It was thin enough to work in the wire's sheave.
>  - Gordon White, Brigadoon II 

What kind of line and what size did you use? That sounds like the 
easiest fix for both the topping lift and the halyard, but if it is 
synthetic material, I will need appropriate fittings and technique, 
which I have little experience with. I definitely want to do this before 


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