[Public-List] Handles by the Companionway

Jonathan Bresler via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Wed Feb 22 08:21:11 PST 2017


Have decided the add a handle on each side of the companionway, so that one
has a secure handhold when climbing out of the cabin.  Easier access has
been a request of my wife, so there is some priority here ;) Bought the two
single loop teak handles at Fawcett's President's Day Sale.  Good prices
there at this time: 35% many items.

The bulkhead at the forward end of the companionway is about 7/16" thick
and appears to be gelcoat/fiberglass on both sides over masonite(?).   The
folks at Fawcett's recommended drilling a 1/4" hole through the handle and
securing it with a 1/4" shoulder bolt and washers.  On the outside the head
of the bolt and washer would be visible (not a concern for me).  On the
inside the nut and washer would be recessed inside a 5/8" hole drilled in
the handle and finished with a teak plug.

Thought that bronze 1/4" lag screws passing from outside into the handle
might look nice.  Bronze washers outside of course.   The bronze might be
more appealing that the stainless.

Photos of some boats appear to place the handles close to the overhead,
which makes some sense.  As one climbs out, the handles are relatively
lower compared to the body, so starting high might be better.  Not so good
ending up with handles that one has to crouch down a bit to reach, I would
venture to say.

How would you secure these handles ?

Jonathan M Bresler
S/V Constance Alberg 30 #262
Annapolis/Eastport MD

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