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I've got teak strips on the cockpit side, either side of the 
companionway. You could use something similar to hide the bolt heads, if 
you wanted.

  - George

On 2/22/17 11:21 AM, Jonathan Bresler via Public-List wrote:
> Folks,
> Have decided the add a handle on each side of the companionway, so that one
> has a secure handhold when climbing out of the cabin.  Easier access has
> been a request of my wife, so there is some priority here ;) Bought the two
> single loop teak handles at Fawcett's President's Day Sale.  Good prices
> there at this time: 35% many items.
> The bulkhead at the forward end of the companionway is about 7/16" thick
> and appears to be gelcoat/fiberglass on both sides over masonite(?).   The
> folks at Fawcett's recommended drilling a 1/4" hole through the handle and
> securing it with a 1/4" shoulder bolt and washers.  On the outside the head
> of the bolt and washer would be visible (not a concern for me).  On the
> inside the nut and washer would be recessed inside a 5/8" hole drilled in
> the handle and finished with a teak plug.
> Thought that bronze 1/4" lag screws passing from outside into the handle
> might look nice.  Bronze washers outside of course.   The bronze might be
> more appealing that the stainless.
> Photos of some boats appear to place the handles close to the overhead,
> which makes some sense.  As one climbs out, the handles are relatively
> lower compared to the body, so starting high might be better.  Not so good
> ending up with handles that one has to crouch down a bit to reach, I would
> venture to say.
> How would you secure these handles ?
> Jonathan

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