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Hi there - 

Just use a heat gun and a sharp scraper.  Go slow, scrape gently, and you'll
find it comes off easily and quickly.

When advising people about removing paint and varnish, I always quote Mao...
"Step by step the long journey is done".  Heat up a few square inches at a
time for five or ten seconds... When you see it start to bubble, give it a
quick swipe with the scraper.  When you get good at it you'll find you can
move the heat gun to the next position while you're scraping the old.

WRT to finishes, I like to varnish.  Stories that one cannot varnish teak
are mythological.  Where failures occur, they're usually due to water
intrusion via screws or unbedded work... or UV degradation due to not enough
varnish.  The trouble with varnishing is that after three coats on new work,
it's looking damned good and most people stop there.  You need 6 coats
minimum, 8 is better.

There are products available that claim lasting finishes with only two
coats...beware.  Nothing lasts like old fashioned varnish laid on correctly
(no getting around the first year is a heavy year for work) but if you put a
coat on per year, or two per year where you live down south, and you should
have a finish that lasts eight to ten years.

Cheers - Gord
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> I am assuming the toe rails, grab rails, and cockpit coamings are teak?  I am
> faced with removing the varnish from these items and if they are teak would
> prefer to leave them unfinished. Thoughts, comments, suggestions, prayers will
> all be appreciated.
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