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Actually I may have had a better visitor this year...

Here's the scene...last Saturday, my booth is besieged with people lining up
to ask me questions.  A woman pushed her way to the front and interupted the
person who was talking with me and demanded in a loud voice..

"what have you got that will change the colour of my monkey fur?"

The mob was stunned into silence.  I said 'sorry, I don't know what you're
referring to...'

She replied "ya know, MONKEY FUR! Like every boat I've been on my back in
has in it!"

And she left.   The silence hung for a moment, then the guy I'd been talking
to said quietly "mebbe she means that carpeting motorboat cabins are lined
with..."  Some one else said "Hope so..."


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> Gord
> I personally have no objection to an occasional comment from a member pointing
> out that he has parts and fittings that are applicable to our boats. This is
> especially true when a specific item is being searched for and/or a
> recommendation needed. I would not like to see blatant advertising in a
> blanket mode but single incidents as to a specific request for help and
> guidance I am happy and enjoy reading your postings, thoughts and guidance.
> Jim Davis
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