[Public-List] Integral Water Tank in Pre-liner Alberg 30

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I believe the pre-liner tanks are basically the same as the liner tanks. 
They're formed with the hull and an aft fiberglass bulkhead. On the 
liner boats, the aluminum top is pop-riveted in place and the rivets 
eventually leak a little. Also, the aluminum is not coated, and oxidizes 
into the tank.

The #1 upgrade is to replace the top, either with an epoxy or HDPE panel 
or by epoxying the aluminum. While you're at it, I'd suggest coating the 
inside with epoxy, too. (I've not done either of these things, because 
it requires pulling out the forepeak furniture.) See 
http://alberg30.org/maintenance/Plumbing/WatertankRepair/ for some pictures.

An access port on the top is an easy thing to add and allows for 
cleaning the inside. (We do have that.) This also allows extending a 
hose to the very bottom to suck out the last bit of water that the 
pickup tube doesn't reach.

A charcoal filter (like 
in the galley removes any aluminum oxide flakes and makes the water 
taste fine.

  - George

On 7/11/17 9:10 AM, Jonathan Bresler via Public-List wrote:
> Folks,
> Thinking about doing a bit of cruising, that will require carrying fresh
> water.  Constance, a pre-liner Alberg 30, appears to have an integral water
> tank under the v-berth.  So far, the only access to the tank is through the
> two storage areas under the starboard and port v-berth "flats".  The only
> connections appear to be top mounted deck fill line, vent line, and a pick
> up tube that provides water to the galley and the head.  The connections
> are mounted onto a 4"? diameter plate that is secured to the tank with 6?
> screws needing a straight blade screwdriver and an uninterrupted bead of
> silicone over the screw heads.   The top of the tank is covered in the same
> drab yellow paint that is in the forepeak.  Under the paint appears to be a
> coating of some sort, as the painted surface is not a flat as one would
> expect a tank to be.
> Yesterday, after freeing the deck fill (thank you PB Blaster Penetrant), I
> filled and emptied the tank four times.  Previously the tank had some
> quantity of propylene glycol (the pink stuff).  Read the maintenance manual
> and the web page on water tanks on the website (alberg30.org); these appear
> to speak to liner boats only.
> Is there a drain?  Would it be under the bit of floor in the "V" of the
> v-berth?
> Is there an access port that I am not seeing?  Perhaps under the seat in
> the v-berth.
> Anyone opened up their fifty year old tanks and looked inside ?
> Jonathan

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