[Public-List] Battery Tray?

Jonathan Bresler via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Fri Jul 21 08:44:20 PDT 2017


As a follow on to the question regarding one 12v or two 6v batteries.
There is a tray in which the batteries sit.  Appears that the tray is a bit
raised above the floor of the bilge.  Tried to poke my finger in there
between the tray and the bilge floor and between the side to side vertical
divider between the forward and aft battery compartments and the battery
tray.  No luck either way.  The battery tray has a hole, about 1" diameter,
at the forward end, perhaps the aft end as well, that would allow the
battery to drain into the bilge.

Is the bilge supposed to drain under/around the battery tray or through
it?  Wondering if I need to get a wire coat hanger, unbend it, and try to
fish out the material that has accumulated down there over the years.


Jonathan M Bresler
S/V Constance Alberg 30 #262
Annapolis/Eastport MD

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