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The GVW includes tractor, trailer and load. Thus, getting to a GVW of more 
than 12,000 lbs is not difficult. Check the door frame plate to see if you 
have a strong enough tractor to pull the GVW you really have. That and the 
vehicle weight
will be on that plate. Whatever vehicle license you have on the tow vehicle 
will have to have enough GVW to haul the load, so will be quite different 
from the 1 ton nominal GVW weight that is on the ownership paper you now
have, and quite a bit more money than if you just used the vehicle as a 1 
ton truck. That difference is to make up for the $25 trailer plate fee that 
is payable only once, regardless of the size or weight of trailer. Carrying 
capacity is another thing and there is a whole other story on axle spreads 
and axle specifications to cover that.   As well, in Ontario, recreational 
vehicles are restricted to vehicles to live in that one can enter from the 
road, so tent trailers up to motor homes and all house trailers in between.
Boats and horse trailers are not considered to be recreational vehicles 
within the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. All it takes is one curious person 
of authority to want to see things more closely and things can get messy if 
yhey stop you. If you do have a crash or other mishap, then, if things are 
not up to the rules, you may have no insurance because of running an illegal 
    On another note if you do launch boats from  trailers and get the hubs 
wet, consider low soap greases. They tend to wash out less quickly without 
the soap in them. Texaco (Starplex 1 and 2 EP), Esso, and Shell all have low 
soap greases. Also consider driving the empty trailer after launch for some 
distance to heat up the axle bearings to evaporate what water does get in 
past the seals. Repack these bearings regularly, which means taking the hub 
apart to dry things out and check the grease content, particularly if you 
launch into salt water.  Bearing buddies on the ends of axles do not allow 
much grease into the center of the axle or the inner bearing race, unless 
the fill tube goes to the center of the assembly between inner and outer 
bearings. When bearings fail, you have a crash!
    Self trailering is not as simple as it sounds.

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Hi Guys

What is the weight of my non liner A30 ? Just the bare boat, mast etc. I'm 
considering a trailer and trying to work out if the axles are strong enough.



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