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Hello again John...

The tough thing about used equipment will be finding a good one.   The trouble with used ones is that they usually become available for a reason ie: worn out.  Also, they’re often orphans for which parts aren’t available due to manufacturer’s model changes.

We have a Harken on SURPRISE’s forestay.  I don’t normally recommend that manufacturer, but ours has been quite trouble free for the 18 years we’ve had this boat, and I don’t know how long it was in her rig before I bought her.

A furler is a nice thing to have... I used to sneer at them, as I did wheel steering, standing headroom, inboard engines, fiberglass construction, etc, but I have to say I enjoy having all those things now...

We never use the headsail partially furled due to both the very poor set and likelihood of damage to the sail such a practice results in.  We still have a smaller heavy weather sail which we change to when conditions warrant.  Popping the genoa out of furl, stripping it off the stay and hoisting the other sail is easy and quicker than hanks.

#426 Surprise

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    I'm thinking about putting roller furling on Scotch Bonnet, #634.  I like the flexibility of using hanker on light air sails and storm sails, but sometimes it's tough to get a headsail down in a hurry when single handing and a storm comes up.  Can anyone advise where to find a good used furler?
    John Irving
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