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On 9/26/17 9:56 AM, John Irving via Public-List wrote:
> I'm thinking about putting roller furling on Scotch Bonnet, #634.  I
> like the flexibility of using hanker on light air sails and storm
> sails, but sometimes it's tough to get a headsail down in a hurry
> when single handing and a storm comes up.  Can anyone advise where to
> find a good used furler?
When I'm single-handing, or expecting high winds when I might not want 
to send someone up to the foredeck, I rig a downhaul on the jib. This is 
just a 3/16" or 1/4" line tied to the top hank of the jib, run down to 
the stem passing between the sail and the forestay a couple times to a 
block mounted on the stem fitting, and then back to the cockpit.

To drop the sail I pull the sheet in tight, back the jib over the 
foredeck, release the halyard and pull in the downhaul. That holds the 
jib on the foredeck until I have time to deal with it.

  - George

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