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Despite racing on Argo #247 with hank on headsails for about 20 years and
still racing on Argo having a great time, I have to admit that having
roller furling on Constance #262 is a real convenience.  Flaking a sail by
myself takes a bit of time and a lot of back and forth from the luff to the
leech.   I'm sure that I sail more often and longer due to having roller
furling.    Its just so much easier to roll out the sail and roll it back
up at the end of the day.  Its also easy to furl it away should I need to
get rid of a headsail quickly for some reason.

George has a good method of handling the jib.   Compared to that a roller
furling headsail ends up in a heap on the foredeck with only the tack, head
and clew still secured when the halyard is run.  The luff can fall off to
leeward and go swimming.   Guess that I could install grommets along the
luff, say three inches in from the luff tape and run a line from the top
grommet to the foredeck, then use a downhaul just as George does.   Have
not seen anyone do that.  Could be interesting.  Will have to ask around
about it.


On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 11:50 AM, George Dinwiddie via Public-List <
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> John,
> On 9/26/17 9:56 AM, John Irving via Public-List wrote:
>> I'm thinking about putting roller furling on Scotch Bonnet, #634.  I
>> like the flexibility of using hanker on light air sails and storm
>> sails, but sometimes it's tough to get a headsail down in a hurry
>> when single handing and a storm comes up.  Can anyone advise where to
>> find a good used furler?
> When I'm single-handing, or expecting high winds when I might not want to
> send someone up to the foredeck, I rig a downhaul on the jib. This is just
> a 3/16" or 1/4" line tied to the top hank of the jib, run down to the stem
> passing between the sail and the forestay a couple times to a block mounted
> on the stem fitting, and then back to the cockpit.
> To drop the sail I pull the sheet in tight, back the jib over the
> foredeck, release the halyard and pull in the downhaul. That holds the jib
> on the foredeck until I have time to deal with it.
>  - George
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