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In our Folkboat, which used hanked-on headsails, I rigged a downhaul only in heavy weather.  I sewed a small bronze ring to a hank about half-way up and when using the downhaul, ran the line through that.  Once the sail was set, I put light hand-tension on the downhaul (naturally this was totally overpowered by the upward tension on the halyard itself).   The combination of one ring and the light tension made the downhaul perfectly benign.

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    Re: downhaul on hanked on foresail.
    I know of a foresail downhaul threaded through only every second, third or fourth hank to work smoothly on a Contessa 26, whereas threading through each hank resulted in the problem you described. Not sure whether residual slapping on the sail remained on the Contessa 26.
    I have roller furling but wonder whether a little tension on the downhaul (bungee cord?) of a hanked on foresail might reduce slapping?
    David Tessier, Waterloo ON Canada
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