[Public-List] Bulkhead aft of icebox

Wes Gardner wesgardner1952 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 09:05:49 PST 2018

Hi Craig,

You could approach this in a number of ways - the absolute "do it right"
level would require removal and replacement of the bulkhead.  I really
haven't studied the fabrication sequence closely enough, but on many
production boats, the bulkheads are dropped in before the deck goes on.
This of course makes getting a new bulkhead in in one piece sometimes

How bad and where is the rot?  I assume you've tracked down the source and
have repaired or will repair this first.

You don't really need to get the bulkhead back in in one piece.  Like
you've suggested, a butt block between two halves is acceptable.  You could
cut out the offending portion vertically and scab on another piece of
plywood with a butt block /sister.

You could dig out ALL the rot, slather thickened epoxy in the hole, cloth
over it or sister it with a piece of plywood and be fine.  If this were the
chainplate bulkhead, a little more care would need to be given it.

Without seeing the "party foul" it's hard to tell.

Wes #196

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 8:25 PM, craig bilodeau via Public-List <
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> Hello public listers, I have begun the demo on my old upright ice box, the
> bulkhead aft of the icebox has some rot.  I'm assuming the bulkhead is a
> major player in stiffening the hull. To repair should I remove just the rot
> and sister on to the existing with new making it thicker all together or?
> Alberg 341  Musetta   thanks for any comments
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