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    You have probably bent the drive shaft with the dockline as I suspect 
that is the weakest part of your drivetrain.. If you recall, Kris Coward 
said he had a bent driveshaft and I have had one as well. The bend in my 
shaft was about 0.005" and was small enough that the machine shop I took 
things to managed to work that back to straight with a lathe and some 
sideways pressure. Stainless is very malleable, and bends easily. I am 
surprised though that you only have a 7/8" shaft for a diesel. They are 
usually a full 1" because of the extra torque developed by diesels. It the 
shaft did not bend, then the coupler probably gave because of that torque 
or, if that did not fail, a motor mount has bent. You should have that 
diesel on flex mounts. Whatever has been the resistance with the dockline, 
it will have been the torque developed by your motor that will have caused 
the weakest link to fail.

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That's possible of course, but this is not some ancient clunker of an engine 
but rather a new Beta Marine diesel installed just five years ago by a 
highly competent boat restorer (Tim Lackey). I would be very surprised if a 
rope wrap could twist the engine around on its engine mounts. But it's 
certainly something I will have to look into.

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> It sounds like the line wrap may have pulled the engine out of alignment.

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