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  I did that job in 1997 and at the time it was about $800.00 Canadian. It
is worth trying to find a way to do more than one boat at a time at a
location, to share any travel costs if you get someone to do it for you.
There was a drive of an hour and a quarter both ways for my hull, and I was
billed for 5  hours, so half the time driving!   We only used about 250 lbs
of baking soda. The way it works is that the soda hits the hull materials
and then explodes, and that forces off any paint on the hull. There is no
abrasive action at all.  However, it is a crystal about 75 microns , much
coarser than the Cow Brand in the box in the fridge. The machine was the
same as for sand, with the flow reduced, so if you have access to a sand
blaster from a rental store, it should be possible to do it yourself.  Wear
a mask and eye protection though. The flow of material was so thin through
the orifice, (a fan shaped nozzle) that you could hardly see it.
     I have not had to redo this job as I have a freshwater boat and just
add more copper every year.

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Let's face it. I'm not getting any younger.  That means that over time, I
end up with "stuff" building up on my bottom.   While in the water I hire a
professional to try and keep the "stuff" in check, but each time I haul
out,  a more serious course of treatment is in order.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this "problem" and has use a Wagner
PaintEater (
to address the build up.  Its a 4-1/2" disc sander that uses a 3M
spun-fiber disc spinning at 2,600 RPM.  The disc is supposed to "conform to
contours to provide consistent results on uneven surfaces".

Cant find a statement of "equivalent to xx0 grit sandpaper".  Replacement
discs are not cheap at about $12 each.  Dont know how long a disc would
last.  The quarter sheet sander that I used two years ago has a 2.4amp
motor.  The PaintEater has a 3.2amp motor.


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