[alberg30] Re: fresh water damage

Gordon E. White gewhite at crosslink.net
Thu Oct 29 00:27:06 PST 1998


    When I was chief engineer on the Alexandria, (Ex-Lindo), a 1929
Baltic trader being used as a "tall ship" by the Alexandria, Virginia,
Seaport Foundation, we had trouble with fresh water rot and used to salt
the decks every couple of weeks. We kept a bin of rock salt handy all
the time. Apparently this is common practice on older wooden boats. I
have heard about it for years. Salt water does much less damage to wood
than fresh. It sure does not restore anything, but if your boat is laid
up, rock salt on the deck might be a good idea.
    Now I do not know what if anything salt would do to fiberglass or
your fittings, but as we (most of us) exist with salt water anyway,
maybe that's not a worry. Anybody else have any ideas on this?
                                            - Gordon White A-275
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